December 9. Bullwinkle club arrived with 8 players . We played a "Basque style" (each player played 2 games 1 as white and 1 as black simeltaneously), Bullwinkle won 11 to 5.
Wednesday 16 December is the AGM and fun chess night and the last club night for 2015, a merry exmas and a happy new year to all our readers.
November25. The 2015 Redcliffe Club Championship was completed: First Place went to Brodie McClymont 7/7,t U 1500 was Joseph Curtain(unrated) with 3.5/7, best Junior was Jasper Moss with3/7
November 11. After 5 rounds Brodie McClymont leads with 5/5 and will win the tournament, Tony McRoberts looks to be Best U 1500 and Jasper Moss Best Junior if we play 7 rounds or 6,ending the 205 Championship after 6 rounds and would put us back on schedule for the "Free" night for a visit from "Bullwinkle' on November 25.
October 31. Rd 3 of the Club Championship, thers were 6 boards and no upsets
Octoer 21. Round 2 of the 2015 Club Championship, there were 6 boards.
14 October.Round 1the 2015 Redcliffe Club Championship with 19 entries but 7 byes.there were no upsets.
Still no joy with the chess theatre.
October 7. Attendance tonight was 17 including new member Greg Bowman, Visitor Don Hamilton. Brodie McLymont won the annual club Lighting tournament held tonight which means the start of 2015 Club Championship was delayed a week and may have to be reduced to 6 rounds.
Best U1500 and best Junior in the 2015 Lightning were Tony McRoberts(U 1500) Jasper Moss( Junior)
September 30. The Leo Wilkinson Open on September had 62 players a record for our weekenders. Tom Maguire won with 5.5/6. Tom is the first club member to win one of our 2 a year weekenders. Tony Weller, Mark Stokes, Sam Gill , Bob Maczkowiack from our club also played.
Tony Truscott won our latest club tournament "The Norm Braybrooke Classic" with 5/6 ,unrated Emdwin Onilongo was Best U1500 with 3/6 and Tom Maguire was Best "Junior"
I am still trying to sort out why "Games at" is not working
Current TournamentGames at Norm Braybrooke Classsic
September 23 Rd.5 of the Norm Braybrooke Classic saw a draw between top seeds Tom Maguire and Tony Truscott,who now has outright lead with 4/5. Next week Tony Truscott should play Edwin Onilongo and a win would see him win , the tournament with 5/6, chasing him are Tony Weller 3.5/5,Tom Maguire 3/5 and Mark Stokes 3/5, these three have all played him.
Current TournamentGames at Norm Braybrooke Classsic
September 17. We welcome Edwin Onilongo, there were 5 games with no upsets Current TournamentGames at Norm Braybrooke Classsic
September 9.Round 3 of the Norm Braybrooke Classic , only 5 Boards with no upsets. Current TournamentGames at Norm Braybrooke Classsic
Round 2 of the Norm Braybrooke Classic had 3 additional entries including new member Joseph Curtain.
August 25.5 games and 5 byes in round 1 of the Norm Braybrooke Classic
August 22. on review I found I had not recorded half point bye for Tom Maguire 1n rd.6 which means we had joint winners of the 2015 Leo Wlkinson Memorial.
August 19 Final round of the Leo Wilkinson Memorial, Sam Long won the tournament with 5/6, followed by Tom Maguire, Tony Truscott and Mark Stokes on 4/6. Best U1500 was Aaron String 3/6 with best Junior Mathew Pollard 2.5/6
Tom Maguire is overseas in Junior tournament we all wish him well.
August 12. Again only 2 absentees (Alex and Jack Cuthbertson), Mark Stokes(1533) drew with Tony Truscott(1915).
Next week is the final round, Tom Maguire and Tony Truscott lead on 4/5 they drew in an earlier round. Boards 1 & 2 Will probably be Maguire v Stokes and Trusctt v Long (not sure of colours).
Current TournamentGames at Leo Wilkinson Memorial
Aug 5.Had almost a "full house" with only 2 absentees,
Round 4 of Leo Wilkinson Memorial on board 1 Sam Long(1673) drew with Tom Maguire(1958). Having some concerns getting used to Windows, not sure if "chess theatre" is usable in Windows 10. Leo Wilkinson Memorial
July 29 in the Leo Wilkinson Memorial, 2 upsets when Jack Cuthbertson unrated defeated Norm Braybrooke(1246) and Matthew Pollard unrated drew with Mark Stokes(1533).
Tom,Tony and Jack are joint leaders on 2,5/3 .
Current TournamentGames at Leo Wilkinson Memorial
July 22 Second round of Leo Wilkinson Memorial, There were no upsets.
July 15 The Leo Wilkinson Memorial tournament begins with 17 players. One upset in Rd.1 when unrated Jack Cuthbertson won against Mark Stokes(1533).
July 8. Once again State of Origin proved more popular to some members and the few who turned up played "social" chess so the start of Leo Wilkinson Memorial will be delayed untl next week.
June 24. Rounds 5 & 6 of the Mike Dyer memorial were comlpleted on 17 June and 24 June
The tournament was won by Tom Maguire 6/6 from Tony Weller and Mark Stokes 4/4 best U1500 wasTony McRoberts 3.5/6 and best Junior was Mathew Pollard 2.5/6.
Next week we have a match against Bullwinkle
Current TournamentGames at2015 Mike Dyer Memorial
June 10.round 4 of Mike Dyer Memorial was completed.
Current TournamentGames at2015 Mike Dyer Memorial
June 3. We welcomed Ken Pirie. The third round of the Mike Dyer Memorial had 7 boards with 1upset when P-J Bargo(1119) beat Sam Gill(1238)
Current TournamentGames at2015 Mike Dyer Memorial
May 28.We welcomed Bob Maczkowiak. The Mike Dyer Memorial rd 2 had 12 boards and 5 byes
1 upset when Tony Weller(1655) defeated Michael Cashman(1945). Current TournamentGames at2015 Mike Dyer Memorial
May 25.A little bad health meant no visit to the club and no access to the final round of the 2015 Viv Greenelsh Memorial until now. This year's Viv Greenelsh was won by Tom Maguire with 6/6 (Tom was also Best Junior).Best U1500 was Tony McRoberts 3.5/6.
The 50th Anniversary Peninsula Open (weekender)had a record 69 entrieswith 10 players rated over 2000 and was won by New South Wales player Max Illingworth(top seed rated 2507) with 5.5/6, Dusan Stojic(Victoria rated 2236) Stephen Solomon(Qld-2393) Brodie McClymont(Qld-2417) and Tom Maguire"(Qld 1887) were equal 2-5th on 5/6. Tom Maguire was Best Junior.
This week on club night 20 May we started the Mick Dyer Memorial with 19 players registered 14 players and 5 byes for rd.1 which had 1 upset when Mathew Pollard(unrated junior) beat Sam Gill(1238),Mathew has won 2 games against 1200+ players,1 game against unrated junior and 1 loss(against 1600+ rated player in his 4 tournament games since joining the club.
New players to join the club are Sam Gill, Alex and Jack Cuthbertson
Current TournamentGames at2015 Mike Dyer Memorial
April 29. 5 games of the 2015 Viv Greenelsh Memorial were played, no upsets.Current TournamentGames at2015 Viv Greenelsh Memorial
April 22. Rounds 2 & 3 of the 2015 Tal Memorial have been played with no upsets. Current TournamentGames at2015 Tal Memorial
April 10. about a month since I Updated th Dairy. The 2015 Tal Memorial finished with a tournament win By Tony Weller on 4.5/6,best u1500 was Tony McRoberts 3/6 nd Best Junior was Tom Maguire on 3.5/6.
The 2015 Viv Greenelsh Memorial began with 17 players incuding 7 new players adults Keith Chatterton and Gil D'Andrea and juniors Sean Minor, Matthew Pollard, Aaron Stringfellow and Connor Wright.
March 11. 9 Players tonight for round 3 of the Tal Memorial. There were no upsets
Current TournamentGames at2015 Tal Memorial
March 4,10 players tonight for rd2 of the Tal Memorial
Current TournamentGames at2015 Tal Memorial
Febrary 27.Gap between entries due to computer problems. Summer Swiss had joint winners Tony Weller and Tom Maguire on4.5/6, joint best U1500 Colin Dougherty and Tony McRoberts on 2/6 and tom Maguire was also gest Junior.
This week we started the Tal Memorial with 14 players with 5 byes . Current TournamentGames at2015 Tal Memorial
Febuary 11. 8 Players for rd.5 of Summer Swiss, in 3 of the 4 games the lower rated player won!
Tony Weller(1739) beat Michael Cashman(1937),Mark Stokes(1458) beat Max Kreshaw(1677),Colin Dougherty(765) beat Tony McRoberts(1169).
Current TournamentGames at2015 Summer Swiss.
February 4. Summer Swiss continues with 8 players present for rd.4 there were no upsets.
Current TournamentGames at2015 Summer Swiss.
January 28. Only 5 members present tonight, 2 games were played for rd3. of the Summer Swiss.
Current TournamentGames at2015 Summer Swiss. Congratulations to Tom Maguire who finished 2nd. in the Australian Junior Championship, with a score of 8/9.
January 21 .Round 2 continues with 8 players tonight. There were no upsets
Mark Stokes finished the Australian Championships-Minor winning with 10/11, well done Mark!
The Club starts the new year on 14 January in our new room in F Block on Buchanan Street, near the "Pool Complex".
January 8. Mark Stokes with 7/7 has a 2 point lead going into rd, 8 of the Auatralian Championships--Minor, carry on the good work Mark.
January 4. Mark Stokes is playing in the Australian Championship--Minor. He is one of 5 players on 3/3.
Have not been able to find any games to download .